Transmitter Setups

General hints for using 3rd Party radios with VBar NEO:

  • Assign and set up the channels for sticks, motor and bankswitch
  • Assign and set up the channel for throttle cut on a nitro
  • Assign and set up the channel for Rescue with Pro Resue. Note that every action (beginner mode or rescue trigger) starts from center position! Check this with the channel display and status in the pc soft before using it!
  • If you want to dial in the headspeed (ext. Gov) from TX as known in the past - this can be done routing the needed signal to AUX3 (only this one!). Ensure that a additional signal to "Our" motor status channel is needed which represents off, run and - if used - autorotation.
  • If you want to have a safety switch in your TX - consult the TX manual how to do
  • Using a 3rd party receiver at the same time together with a VLink satellite (internal or external) - e.g. for setup flights with a VBar Control on a model which is initially used with other radios - or doing "crossover buddyboxing" (buddyboxing with a VBar Control for master and a other radio for student) you have to take care that a possible telemetry transmitting function on the 3rd party receiver must be turned off. If it can't be turned off (as on HOTT, FASSTest and JETI) - the parallel usage of both radios is forbidden.

Here are 2 videos regarding which NEO to use and how to set up 3rd party radios :