Preparing the Transmitter

In your transmitter, choose a new model and select a heli program with swash plate configuration H-1 or with mechanical mixing (1 Servo). When using VBar, swash plate mixing in the transmitter is not necessary. However, you do need to use other functions which are adjustable in heli programs only, such as flight modes, autorotation and so on.

Set all transmitter trims to zero or switch off all trimming functions. This is important because a change in trimming,
e. g. in flight modes in the transmitter, is interpreted by VBar as control inputs, which will lead to drift.

The transmitter needs to be calibrated in setup mode. That is, all center and end positions of all channels need to be aligned with VBar. (See Adjusting the Transmitter.)

You may use the dual rate function for adjusting agility, and the expo function for adjusting control behavior at stick center. You can set this differently for different flight modes.