Development Device- and Setup-Manual

The Manuals

Our Device Manual is for the VBar Control itself. It contains necessary information regarding the use and of course the safety information. You can read it on your PC using e.g. Adobe Reader.

The E-Book with slightly reduced content is designed to be read on your smart phone or tablet, using an e-book reader app—including full-text search, bookmarks, cross references.

VBar Control Device Manual (PDF)

VBar Conrol Device Manual (EPUB)

The Setup Manual contains step-by-step chapters for setting up VBar controlled models and ESCs, as well as the basig flight parameters.

VBar Control Setup Manual (PDF)

VBar Control Setup Manual (EPUB)



Changes at next Release:


Seperate volume settings


Re-arranged switch assignment panels

Safety switch for motor added (disabled as shown above)


Added Archive menue to view old logs etc. w/o connected model


Setup Extensions menue added - for all Apps beside Pro App


Setup Status menue with log archive for current model


External ESC - Output value scaled from 0 to 100% now. Bailout throttle moved to pro app.


VBar Governor - small corrections in panel