NEO/EVO Pro Rescue

VBar NEO/EVO Professional Rescue

Heli version with emergency exit


Purchasing this Pro Rescue license will always eneable both normal Pro versions too. So you can use a VBar NEO/EVO in a helicopter or a plane and tweak the setup as you like. Please remind installing the required Apps on your VBar Control, too.

VBar NEO/EVO Professional is a license bundle containing:

  • VBar NEO/EVO Heli Pro Rescue Version with bailout functionality.
  • VBar NEO/EVO Heli Pro Version with detailes setup possibilities for helis.
  • Vbar NEO/EVO VPlane Pro Version for planes. Requires a VBar Control and a VLink NEO/EVO.
  • VBar NEO/EVO VCopter Pro Version for copters. Requires a VBar Control
  • VBar NEO/EVO VCopter Pro Rescue Version for copters. Requires a VBar Control and a VLink NEO/EVO.

Please have a look at the featurelist for more information here.

Prices can be found here.

Together with a VBar Control, the VBar NEO/EVO Professional Rescue provides a bailout as emergency exit as well as a beginner hover mode with tilt angle limitation. The required Apps are the the VBar Pro Setup V6 or the VCopter Pro Setup – and NEO / EVO Rescue App and, as one of the huge benefits we would recommend having a look at the NEO/EVO Makrocells App, too.