Initial Programming

After you have clicked on the V 5.0 icon, your screen will show the main page with the parameter settings. Now connect the VBar (servos still disconnected!) via the USB cable with the PC. The USB connectivity status display will switch to green. The tab “no connection” will stay on red.

Now connect VBar with your power supply (3.5 V to 8.4 V). Now the screen will switch to initialization mode. Do not move the model until VBar has completed initialization. (Mac: first connect the device to your Mac, then start VBar software).

On successful initialization, the main page will reappear on the screen. The connection status will switch to the green bar, indicating “connected”. The V will begin blinking slowly.

Now click on the Setup button to switch to the Setup Wizard, which is your programming assistant. You will be led through the setup menu step by step. After completion of the 11 steps, your helicopter will be ready for flight. At each step you will find information on the left-hand side of the screen. Be sure to read the text and follow the instructions! It is also necessary that you perform the steps in the order provided. Do not skip around between steps.

Attention: once you have set up your heli for the first time, you can navigate the Wizard using the „Continue“ and „Back“ buttons. Don‘t click „Create new setup“ unless you really need-to, and mind the safety instructions concerning speed controllers and accidental spooling up!