Christmas Update VBar Control 2014

Dear VBar Control User,

for a full update on all components involved, we need to do several steps. Most of them you already know, or they are described at other sections of this homepage. To make it easy for you finding the required information we put them all together or link to them (blue text links) in this document here.

The update needs to be done in two steps.


Step 1: Update VBar Control Manager

  • close VBar Control Manager and disconnect VBar Control from USB
  • uninstall VBar Control Manager in Windows–Control Panel–Programs
  • download and install the new VBar Control Manager as shown in Video 01 here
  • Mac: delete the old VBar Control Manager and download the new one. There is no particular de-/installation procedure necessary.


Step 2: Update VBar Control

  • connect the VBar Control to the PC (do NOT start the manager)
  • delete the file content of the /screenshot and /log folder
  • set the Auto Off App to the highest possible value
  • do the update as shown in Video 02 here
  • as the update is done automaticlly, it doesn't require any kind of action from you in the app store
  • during the update, no model should be connected, and USB should not be disconnected!
  • the update will take some minutes, there are file system checks running, too
  • confirm the message which comes up (boot hint). VBar Control will reboot iteself afterwards
  • wait until the integrtity check is finished again
  • if you want to install more apps, this can be done now of course, otherwise disconnect USB
  • VBar Control must show up Version 1.1 - 867 or higher now. If not - see Manual Boot Entry here
  • go to Transmitter Setup Menu, Assign & Calibrate, Local Switches and set up the security switch (motor) as you like, or disable it
  • set up the volumes in Transmitter Setup Menu, Volumes for all voice groups