User defined main screen

With this app you will get the possibility to use self-designed main screens on the Vbar Control.

This can be done in 3 ways:

In general for all models

Depending on the model

Depending on the model and switchable (e.g. each bank)

Please take note about the needed file names given in the VBar Control when using the Model specific options. Note also the switch positions for the switchable version.

The files can be imported from the editor to the VBar Control folder /userscreen auf der VBar with the USB cable - and can be used with the app there. If the folder doesn't exist on your VBC - just create it there.


Warning Always pay attention to the Device- and Setup-Manuals provided with VBar Control, and the safety related topics therein.

Note This App needs to be installed and activated on your VBar Control to be used.



In this article we will explain the editor and its elements. The editor (previous login with Mikado ID required) is not a real "WYSIWYG" editor, there are some limitations with the fonts etc. at the web for us. The elements are "placeholders" which define position, content and alignment of the elements. Especially the red squares (anchor points) are the beginning of the  regarding element in VBar Control.

It is located here:

Starting the editor will show up an empty page first. You can design, load, save, delete your own designs - and also download them for your VBar Control - or share with other users (Mail address from their Mikado ID must be known). If you change something - don't forget to save before downloading or sharing.


This are the system-basec placeholders - they can only be positioned. Please note that some of them (e.g. battery display) will show up functionality only with the corresponding app.

This placeholders can be set up in the font size (Small, Medium, Large , XtraLarge) as well as in their alignment (Left, Center, Right, Vertical):

The user text fields can be set up with own words etc. - note that we only have some limited special characters to be used:

For better separation - there are some lines. They can be aligned and also set up in their length: