NEO/EVO Professional

VBar NEO/EVO Professional

Heli, plane or copter for advanced pilots


Purchasing a pro license will always eneable access to both versions, heli and plane. So you can use a VBar NEO/EVO in a helicopter or a plane and tweak the setup as you like. Please mind installing the required Apps on your VBar Control too.

VBar NEO/EVO Professional is a license bundle containing:

  • VBar NEO/EVO Heli Pro version with extended setup features for helis.
  • VBar NEO/EVO VPlane Pro Version for planes. Requires a VBar Control and a VLink NEO/EVO.
  • VBar NEO/EVO VCopter Pro Version for copters. Requires a VBar Control and a VLink NEO/EVO.

Please have a look at the featurelist for more information here.

Prices can be found here.

This version can be upgraded to Professional Rescue in our app store.

Together with a VBar Control, the VBar NEO/EVO Professional or VBar NEO/EVO VPlane firmware provides all required features to tweak your model setup as needed. The required App is the VBar Pro Setup V6 the VPlane Pro Setup or the VCopter Pro Setup – as one of the hughe benefits we would recommend having a look at the NEO/EVO Makrocells App, too.