Transmitter zero check

If you have some effects like drift or unknown commands it would be a idea to check the transmitter signals too. We had some bad pots in the past as reason for VBar issues and so we decided to create a transmitter check plugin.

You may be able to detect drift issues and changing neutral points with this tool.

First download the file:

Download TX_analyze plugin

Unzip it into the "plugins folder of your VBar installation (V5.3 and more required). E.g. c:\program_files\vstabi_53\plugins - after this move the lupe.png to the /images folder in your VBar installation.

Then open the PC software and click on the plugin menue, select the TX plugin.



After this the plugin will start and show the current TX values in 3 different ways:

  • a continiously ongoing graph
  • a number with the digital value used by the VBar
  • a bar with the current value

The graph can be used to discover drift effects, e.g. from cold to warm or running the TX for a long time. It can also be used to discover effects on other (untouched) channels while moving a stick. The range is set up with +- 125 digits around center.

The number shows the raw data going into the VBar from your TX/RX. 1600 digits are 100% in Vbar.

The bar shows the same as the raw number but scaled to +-125 digits max.

Bar and numbers can be used to check the zero position after stick moves or interactions with other functions.