Heli Manual

The Manuals

The Setup Manual contains step-by-step chapters for setting up VBar controlled models and ESCs, as well as the basig flight parameters. You can read it on your PC using e.g. Adobe Reader.

The E-Book with slightly reduced content is designed to be read on your smart phone or tablet, using an e-book reader app—including full-text search, bookmarks, cross references.

VBar Control Setup Manual (PDF)

VBar Control Setup Manual (EPUB)


Changes, new menu entries and features which are not yet covered in the printed or PDF manuals: 


This menu item will collect all Apps besides the Pro Parameters App.


Model Status

A new menu entry 'Log Archive' allows to browse and display all log files available for the currently connected model.


Throttle signal to external governors

The throttle output values are now in a range from 0...100 % (instead of –100...0...+100 %).
The setting for 'Idle' has been moved to the Pro Parameters App.


VBar Governor, head speeds

This panel now shows the head speed presets for all three banks.
The setting for 'Idle' has been moved to the Pro Parameters App.


Note This App needs to be installed and activated on your VBar Control to be used.