Free Swashplate App

With this App you may configure all parameters of the swash plate mixer freely.

D represents the distance of the ball link to the center axis of the rotor shaft.

A represents the angle of the ball link with regard to the horizontal line, counterclockwise.

C represents the collective value of this servo. Negative will reverse the collective function only.

A 140° swash plate would be set up by measuring the angles and distances of the ball links. Enter the angles accordingly, and calculate the ratio of the distances: the higher value would be 100 %, the lower value would be entered by means of it’s percentage (e.g. 71 %).


Single Servo Trim panel


Endpoint trim for all servos


Geometry selector

Warning Always pay attention to the Device- and Setup-Manuals provided with VBar Control, and the safety related topics therein.

Note This App needs only to be installed during setup. It is not necessary for the operation of the model.