Installation of the PC Software

Important: The PC Software will only connect to a VBar if it is registered on using the VBar Control Manager, and if the current key file is installed.

Copy the key file to C:/Program Files (x86)/VBarControl/. On the Mac, right-click the program and select Show Package Contents, follow the VStabi alias; copy the key file here.


Download the VBar Control Manager and the PC Software from and install. Program icons will appear on your desktop.

Connect your VBar to the computer using the USB wire. Wait until the message “new hardware found” appears and the hardware assistant has started up. When prompted to enter the location on which the drivers are stored, please point to the directory ...\Program Files (x86)\VBarControl... or click on “install automatically.”

On some Windows installations, it may be necessary to connect the VBar to your PC and install the driver manually using the device manager. Additional help is available on (see PC Software section).

Apple Macintosh

For Mac OS X there is a separate VBar Control Manager and PC Software version available as a download from, including the driver. The necessary driver installation starts when you double-click on the driver package. Then follow the on-screen instructions. The applications should be copied into the folder /Applications.

It can be necessary to do a restart to get the driver to work.