Tail Rotor

Tailrotor Parameters

  • Exponential

    alters the control curve from stick (input) to tail rotor (output) in a way such that the helicopter responds less directly/aggressively around stick center. The pre-set value of 50 resembles the stick feeling of a standard AVCS heading hold gyro.

  • Rate

    sets the overall pirouetting rate. A value of 100 corresponds to about one pirouette per second. This value can be compared to Dual Rate on conventional radios.

  • Gain

    adjusts the gyro gain for the tail rotor gyro. Higher values result in a tighter, crisper feeling on the tail control. Too high a value will result in oscillations after stick inputs or in fast forward flight. The sensible range is from 40 (for 250 size helis) through 60 (for 400 and 450 size helis) and 90 (for 500-800 size helis) to 120 (for large scale ships). This value will be pre-set by the choice of heli in the setup wizard.

    Depending on the tail servo used and the rpm, it may be necessary to alter this value for all banks/flight modes.