Software V5.3

Version 5.3

Click on the icon/image at the right side to recieve the download link by mail. You most be logged in with your Mikado ID to use this function.

If you intend to download our software for illegal copies of our product (e.g. K-Bar), think twice: we will register your IP address, and you have registered with your name, mail address, e-mail-address. In case we find out our software is used for use with illegal copies of our products, or made available online elswhere, we reserve the right to take legal steps.
Rest assured we will also find your posts regarding this on the public forums as well as on social media, to help with the case.

Personal Computer

Current Version 5.3.4b How to install software and driver click here

PC Software
Mac VersionCurrent Version 5.3.4 for Mac
How to install software and driver click  here.
MAC Software
VBar Control PanelCurrent Version 5.3
How to install click here.

A Video tutorial about the download / update procedure will be available here.