British Model Flying Association Failsafe Test

The Regulations of the British Model Flying Association requires in CAP 658 to switch off the Transmitter during normal operation, to show how it behaves in case of a Radio Link inteference. Additionally it requires an automatic reconnect after switchon within a few seconds!

Usually this is strongly avoided by our System to avoid accidential loss of control during model operation. Switching on and off of modern systems is a bit more than in the old days where the RF was simply analog and no Microcontrollers where used.

However to fullfill these regulations, we provide this special app that allows switching off the Transmitter during the connection is running. Since this is a very dangerous action in normal use, a pin has to be dialled in to prevent from accidential activation.

The Menu Item "BMFA Failsafe Test" appears as an additional Entry in the "Transmitter Settings"

Diall in the requested Number, and click. You will get the shutdown Dialog, even if the connection is running. Any other number will simply exit the dialog.

If you go to "OK" The Transmitter switches off always.


Even if this function only tests prooven functionality, always unmount blades and Propellers for the test. Take care the model is fixed to avoid any harm to people or things near the model.

Avoid using this Tool if you dont have to use for this special purpose. It circumvends the internal security guidlines, so its shall be applied only if absolutely intended. Note that i.e. Logfiles will be interrupted, and a new one will be created, since the switchoff is interpreted as a new flight.