Scorpion Commander V and VBar

Scorpion Commander V 50V 130A ESC (SBEC)

Our recommended settings for the Scorpion Commander V with VBar Governor are:

- Firmware Version 701W
- External Governor Mode
- Timing 5°
- Acceleration 0,15s

For the update and adjustments it is needed to have the external pc adapter cable and adjustment software. You can download firmware and software from the Scorpion Homepage of course. To connect the RPM signal it is needed to use the opto cable running a heli with more than 10s. Please take care and order both (opto and pc cable) if not included in the kit. See the image below how to take the signal voltage to the right level using a opto cable and more than 5V rc voltage.

Settings at the VBar governor:

  • Throttle min -100 % / max +100 %
  • Governor gain 40 %
  • Collective add 40 %
  • Cyclic add 15 %
  • Collective dynamic 15 %