Castle Phoenix EDGE HV and VBar

With the new Phoenix EDGE ESC series Castle Creations provides now a digital RPM signal and a ESC firmware which is made for VBar governor usage.

The VBar will be set up with default electric governor values. It is the same procedure as on usage with YGE - so the vidoes No 1, 2, 5 and 6 here may be helpful.

The hook up is quiet simple, there is only one white cable in addition to the usual ESC signal leads. This white cable is the RPM signal. It must be connected to the upper pin at RXA (mini VBar) - or ath the pin towards the USB at Sensor2 (standard VBar).

Using a external RC power source in your model please keep in mind that the ground wires have to be connected. Especially if using a external battery pack.

To set up the ESC it needs to be connected to the pc with the Castle link adapter (order seperately). use the latest PC software from the Castle Website.

Here the needed settings:

As some customers ask how to dial in the endpoints - independent from having VBar Control or not - there are different stories out there which won't be true at all.

In fact - having a Phoenix EDGE HV ESC - no one has to teach endpoints if it is set to "fixed" and the internal Bailout is turned "off" - just as stated here. It just works perfect with +- 100 as endpoints in the VBar - stock settings. Even with a NEO, Mini or Fullsize. Also independend from V5 or V6.

We have tested it with the 4.14 Beta and with the latest 4.22 Beta - with the same result.

In addition - please find the configuration files attached here as zip archive ;-)

Download Configuration Files