Scorpion Tribunus

Even if the Scorpion Tribunus is already on the way to customers, id like to summarize what you get in combination with VBar Control:

The Scorpion Tribunus is the very first ESC that directly supports fully integration with VBar Control. This means not only telemetry functions, but setting of all relevant parameters as well. So you do not need an pc maybe apart from doing firmware updates to the device.

Not only readjusting parameters, but even complete new setups are possible soley with VBar Control and the Scorpion app now. Read more »

Breaking news .... 3DX Asia ... great result for Team Mikado, VBar NEO and VBar Control!

Big success in 3DX Asia Pacific 2016.

Mirko Cesena 1st place International class. Kyle Dahl 2nd place International class. Marik Wiehenstroth 1st place expert class.

All of them have been flying their Logo Helicopters with VBar Neo and - of course - VBar Control.

Congratulations to all Mikado Pilots!!!

Version 6.3

With this update we implement some wishes of customers that have collected since the last update. It is an Functional enhancement with new parameters for VBar Control Users and Users of other Radios.

We always try to make the update as easy as possible, so it is with this version. There is no new setup needed, just a general function check that is required after each update.

The following lists the new Functions of 6.3: Read more »

VBasic Version hints!

Please take a look to the version of the VBasic NEO Firmware. If the Version is below 1.0.67, do an online update to get the latest firmware.

The firmware version is displayed on the VBar Control synchronizer if the NEO is connected, or on the Transmitter in "Model Status -> VBasic Info"

VBasic ist Ready!

To complete our VBar Control ecosystem our VBasic Receiver for general RC is now available. We call it VBasic, becaus it can be updated very easily online to the versions VBar VPlane and VCopter with Gyro functionality.

The economic entry version is equipped with a rich set of functions already. The open connectivity to other systems is unique in the market. Even telemetry, Buddyboxing (foreigen Radios too!) and redundant multidevice operarting is possible.

The Unit is perfect for channel extending and extended mutipath reception for bigger models.

All VBar/VBar Control hardware is developed and manfufactured 100% in Germany! Read more »

VBar Version 6.2 Released

This is a maintenance update of the NEO Firmware and some VBar Control Apps. It is valid for VBar Control and other Radios.

The following topics are adressed:

New Anti-Balooning-System (VBar Control and Other Radios)

The already very good working anti-ballooning-system has been further improved. This is most noticeable at very low headspeeds and fast flying with very high collective, as it is done in speed flying. The system is working much smoother now. 


Using throttle curves from 3 to 7 points for Nitro (VBar Control) Read more »

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