Fresh Breeze for VBarControl Touch and VBarControl EVO

We refreshed the apps and the firmware for the VBar Control Touch and NEO transmitters. Additional preparations are included as well as some bug fixes of known bugs

As a first addition, we included a new sound sceme just to get a new sound impression.


The changes in detail:

  • sound schemes allow easy addition of new sound scemes in the future
  • preparation for some to come extensions
  • RPM is now selectable for screen and voice and own log (Pro Bundle).
  • corrections for Flight Trainer
  • logview displays now lables (custom log from pro app bundle).
  • Firmware Fix: very rare bug with "black screen at scrolling" fixed. The bug is not critical, the rest of the radio is not affected
  • small corrections with text and pics

As usual just call the App Updater to get all the new stuff. If you have a EVO it will reboot. Switch off/on in case sounds are not correct immediately.