VBar EVO VLink Update

A new Firmware Update for the VBar EVO is available:

We did a intensive testing campain to test the behaviour at non optimal power supplies which does not show any weaknesses. As result there are some new Log messages, that show Warm/Coldstart and very short power surges better than before.

Some other small issues are collected in this fix release. A detailed list is below:



  • Better S-Bus reliability at startup
  • Log Entries for Reset Cause and Coldstart
  • Faster reaction of undervoltage logging
  • Fixes for OTA Firmware Update
  • Optimized (faster) startup behaviour at Warmstart
  • Macrocell Trimoffset applied after scaling and not before (1)
  • Small optimizations for fast mainrotor framerates (500Hz)
  • Improved USB Compatibility for PC Setup
  • Workaround Problem of the Kontronik internal Telme

(1) If you are using macrocells with your VBar EVO, please check the center position of the output on the used "Channel" Macrocells. They may need a slight correction.

The PC Software contains a small correction to solve a occasional timeout problem during setup. Just reinstall the software in the same folder.

 Versions: VBasic 1.1.27, VBar Express 7.1.25, VBar Pro 7.1.65, VBar Rescue 7.1.149, VPlane 1.4.13