Basic Setup

First install the required Tandem App to the VBar Control touch through the WiFi / App Store. The used NEO VBar must have pro or pro rescue loaded. When using 2 NEO's connect and set them up as master/slave through the interbus before starting.


To configure a new Tandem just select the version you like (1 or 2 NEO's). After confirming we will erase all NEO values and upload the whole setup including macrocells. Having only one NEO - H-3 can be applied, having 2 NEO's - H-4 is for start (can be changed afterwards to H-3 and others).



Using a different swashplate, just select for each rotor the right one. This will load/reset the required macrocells. You can also use different swashplates in front and back (but same linkage count) rotor. In the swashplate expert (long press) the angles and distances can be set up as liked, rotation is also done there to get straight linkages. the collective direction can be set up individually too. If someone uses a Tandem with the H-2 from history - just dial in the angles and zero the unused servo. In the flight setup later turn the mixer for elevator/collective as needed afterwards (H-2). Of course - a swashplate with fuill control over all axis would be the best solution.

Tip: Rotate the swash at the end when all values are set up, makes it easier to check the directions during setup ;-)




In directions dialog set them up as needed and check all movements (Aileron, Elevator, Collective, Yaw). If a servo will be plugged into a wrong socket you won't get any useful movements ;-)

As usually the servos are blocked at the trim panel in center position. Mount/move/align the servo horns to 90° here and trim the rest with either the servo trim (long press) or the "complete Swash" (normal press) trim. Lengthen the rods from servo to swash to get the swash at half of its range. Now you can set up the rods to the head for 0° as for trainers (if you have enough throw for the other controls). Otherwise set up half of the collective range now (e.g. from -4 up to +10° we have 14/2=7°, starting from -4 means +3° to be set). Afterwards move stick to zero position and set this in one of the swash experts.


Now change to the in the "Edit Model Setup". Please set up only Model Name, VBar NEO orientation, collective, cyclic values and ESC / Gear setup. If collective/Cyclic won't be in a range of 80...100 improve your geometry (swashplate, servo horns). All other values are set up already!

Perform a throw check while being in this panel or in the Tandem Special panel. Even at approx. full collective should be enough headroom for cyclic and yaw commands w/o mechanical binding or straightened linkages/horns. Having a H-2 swash - repeat after setting up the cyclic/collective mixer.