Maintenance update VBar Control

A few things have been reported and wished by customers. We like to adress these issues with this Update. The update uncludes the NEOs as well, but only if used in combination with VBar Control

The Items:

- Sometimes the telemetry connection gets lost at the moment of the end of the coldtstart init process. This mainly happens if the antennas have been placed very good and the Radio is very near (overdriven link).

- The archive browsing has been improoved. If any viewer is called, then after exit of the viewer the display will go back to the point where it has been started.

- VBar Control Update for Windows 10 Creator (bug workaround). Access to the VBC Drive is possible without helper same as before the Windows Update. Note that if running in bootloader mode, the workaround is still needed (see below).

- Correction of errorcodes. Hopefull you will now see a text message always rather than numbers.

- Support of Sensorhub. Sensorhub is a special device made of a reprogrammed NEO Unit. It is able to read several digital and analog values and provide them as input for the macrocells. This enables very complex setups like gear sequencer with door switches or fuel flow measurement of turbines.

- Buddy boxing is now much more reliable. Quick switches that happen if the Buddy has a weak connection for short time have been fixed. Switching is now reliable at the moment expected. This update is done in the NEO. You dont need to update NEO if you dont need Buddyboxing on your heli/plane/copter.

- Supply a workaround to allow accessing the bootloader (updates of NEO´s and emergency mode on VBC) in case Windows 10 Creator is used. You find it here. This is not a simple solution, and we are looking to find other simpler ones. Hopefully it gets fully obsolete once the Bug is Fixed in Windows. We try everything here, but our influence is limited.