Win10 Creator Support

Unfortunately the windows 10 Creator USB Drive support is no longer compatible with our Bootloaders. The technical reason is, that Windows uses a "Cache Sync" command (0x35) at initialization time of the USB Drive. Our bootloader does not expect this, since it is not specified in the required USB command list. So the enumeration process hangs infinitely.

Bootloaders are not updateable, since this will have the risk of bricking the device at the customer (Write protected by the hardware).

W10 Creator does not allow to install older or even own drivers on standard drives anymore, so there is no easy Solution. However here is a workaround how to use NEO Updating or VBar Control Boot updating on Windows 10 Creator

Install VirtualBox (120MB)

Do a default install, no special settings are needed. If possible, install it at Drive C: so all pathes are already prepared.

Download the Appliance (300MB)

Double-click the Appliance, to load it into VirtualBox.

Download the latest VBar Control Manager (45MB)

You find a checkbox in the UI where you can start the appliance in background. The Check is sticky, so it will start in background automatically the next time.

Now act as normal. the Check shall turn in green if the Appliance is ready. Give the System a bit time if you start/stop Things and connect/unconnect USB with a few seconds pause.

There is a Update for the Radio, so the normal install/remove of apps does not need the workaround anymore. However if the Bootloader is used (Right Stick in lower right corner at start), this Workaround is required.

Hopefully Windows will fix this sometimes in the future. If anyone has better ideas, your are very welcome to recommend a solution.

Technically the appliance is a small linux system, that connects to the VBar Control Manager and redirects all USB accesses of the VBar Control and NEO to Linux. The Linux Driver happily works with our Bootloaders just fine.