There are some basic thing to configure with the macrocells:

Digital Input

It is possible to add an external receiver to the system, which can be of any of the supported types. The reciver shall output a serial datastream with the channel data. Usually this is used as an master/buddy interface, but it is still possible to use the channels independently in the macrocells. These channels do have the prefix "ex" for External.

The following external digital inputs are supported:

None (Aux1)In this selection the port is outputting a normal servo pulse that can be set by the respective macrocell
DSM2Spektrum DSM2 at TELE1 and TELE 2
DSMX 11msSpektrum DSMX 11ms Framerate at TELE1 and TELE 2
DSMX 22msSpektrum DSMX 22ms Framerate at TELE1 and TELE 2
SBUSFutaba S-Bus (not SBUS2)
UDIUniversal digital Input, used by Graupner, Multiplex and JR Receivers.

The Channel mapping can be done in a separate dialog if the option is used:

Additionally the external receiver can be set in the bind mode, if needed and selected here. To start bind mode, a power cycle is needed after activation. The Bar and the percentage value show the signal that arrives at the selected channel. The external radio shall be setup to have +-100% and zero at center.

Digital Output

If the Socket AUX1 is not used by an digital input, it can output a serial datastream with the following protocols:

None(Aux1)Port is outputting a simple servo pulse
PPM8Analog PPM Signal with 8 channels
PPM 12Analog PPM Signal with 12 channels
UDIUniversal Digital Input as specified by mikado. 12 Channels
SBUSSbus with 16 Channels
SPECProtocol used by Spektrum satellites. Maximum 7 Channels.

The first Macrocell for the outputs is Macrocell number 11. So depending on the number of posible channels, the macrocells starting from 11 are filling the digital output protocol.


The digital output protocol is sent with the given updaterate. The possible maximum values depend on the protocol. PPM12 is running at minimum 22ms, PPM needs 18ms minimal. All other protocols can use any update rate down to 5ms.

Extender Bus

Here the extender Bus can be activated. It occupies the ports of Aux2 and Aux3. More information to this can be found here