VBar Neo as Redundant System

VBar NEO can be used as a partially redundant system. The main purpose is to have more than two receiving antennas with the additional benefit of using more channels.

To get the redundancy, one VBar NEO is configured as a Master. All you have to do is to enable the Interbus in the Macrocell Configuration. Form now on, the AUX2 and AUX3 Channels are used as Interbus connection. A VBar NEO can be programmed as Extender, so it serves as additional receiving frontend to the Master unit, and provides additional channel outputs.

This screenshot shows an activated Extender Bus in the Macrocell Config, and 2 Slaves are connected and running.

The Macrocell Outputs 11-26 are routed to the interbus. Depending on the configuration (Jumper on TELE1, bridge the center pin with the rear pin (pointing to the sensor connector, not to the servo connectors in front)) the Slaves output the Macrocell Outputs 11-18 or 19-26. So a maximum of 26 channels are available using a Master and two Slaves. More Slaves can be added, but they only can share parts of the overall 26 channels.

Once the Interbus is activated, all connected Slaves automatically announce themselves and the number of running Slaves is displayed on top of the macrocell symbol. In the Macrocell Config the number of Slaves is shown as well.

To watch the Signal Quality of all connected Slaves, an additional status display is available:

Each antenna can be monitored here, including the antennas of the Master. This allows to watch the healthyness of the complete system. This is important to detect fails even if they do not appear as defects due to redundancy.


The Interbus is formed by a 3-wire connection that connects all 3 terminals of all AUX2 and AXU3 connectors. Since the connection has to be made on 2 Sockets, its a very good opportunity to use this for the power supply as well. So you can have 2 power inputs on each VBar NEO. Power connection is not required, but ground has to be connected. With this, separate power circuits can be used for each Extender.

On a VBar EVO we use only AUX3 as Interbus connection.

Once set up, the whole array works like a single, big receiver, so binding the Master automatically includes the connected Slaves. No separate binding process needed. If the Slaves are bound, they show the same solid green light as the Master.


The communication is still done with the master only, that means that even if VBar Control shows "Connection Broken" that is "only" the master connection. There is still full flight control available as long as one slave receives data. This is valid for telemetry too, which is only available as long as the master is connected. So keep on flying, even if VBar Control shows "Connection broken", land safely and check what issues you might have with the Master reception.