Cell Channel

The Channel type represents the functionality of a classic radios channel in this cell.


InputSelects the Input channel that is used for this cell. The small bar right of the choosen input shows the current input value
DirectionPolarity of input
CenterStatic offset for the servos center position

Failsave mode. If set to Off, the Failsave will hold the last position. If set to "On" a predefined position of the servo will be driven.

With "Forc" = Force The Failsave position is immediately set, so the position can be checked without a real failsave.

PPosition to wich the Output will be driven in case of failsave or force.
Min LimitThe Limit is an absolute limit that never will be exceeded.
Max LimitSame for the upper end
Min ThrowThe throw can be used to scale the throw to the given value. Its not a limit, so the whole throw is distributed to the given percentage.
Max ThrowSame for the upper end
Delay An additional delay can be specified here. The function will delay every change with the given maximum change per frame. lower numbers slow down more, higher numbers slow down less.