Detail Editor

The Detail Editor has some common parts, where the Type of Cell is choosen, and some special parts dependant on the celltype:

To change the cell type, select the first field and click. The selection will move to the second field (here "none". You can then select one og the available macrocell types. If you click then, all parameter of this specific type will be set to an usable default as basis for the editing.

If the cell type is not changed, the values will not been touched.

This example shows the "None" cell type. In this case no parameters are to edit. This cell type allows the original function of this port to drive the port. So i.e. if you have a Heli, the Swashplate is connected to the CHx Outputs. If the respective macrocell is "None" the Channel will be driven directly by the flight control.

If the cell has another type like i.e. "channel", the original function is removed, and the cells output is connected at this port instead.