Savox SB 2271 SG

As written in the article about the reverse current - there must be a massive energy as induction voltage going out from the servo to the RC battery or BEC.

Such things can possibly damage all electronics on board of your model - this is the initial reason why we did some research on this issue.

First we blocked the reverse voltage/current to go back to the battery using a schottky diode (15A, 50V) in the plus wire from VBar to servo. This blocks the voltage - and makes it visible in its "real" height within the help of a scope. The results were clear - and can be reproduced anytime with this method.

Used Equipment:

- Standard VBar
- Savox SB 2271 SG (one servo)
- Spektrum DSM-X
- 2s 2200mAh LiPo connectet directly to VBar at 3 sockets
- DSO measuring equipment

The Result:

How to read this:
The yellow line shows the RC battery voltage - and is ok. The blue line shows the current draw - also ok. But - having a look at the pink line (voltage between diode and servo) you will see no noticeable induction voltage.

This servo is clean. It is well designed to prevent the model electronic from overvoltage.