Futaba BLS 175 HV

As written in the article about the reverse current - there must be a massive energy as induction voltage going out from the servo to the RC battery or BEC.

Such things can possibly damage all electronics on board of your model - this is the initial reason why we did some research on this issue.

First we blocked the reverse voltage/current to go back to the battery using a schottky diode (15A, 50V) in the plus wire from VBar to servo. This blocks the voltage - and makes it visible in its "real" height within the help of a scope. The results were clear - and can be reproduced anytime with this method.

Used Equipment:

- Standard VBar
- Futaba BLS 175 HV (one servo)
- Spektrum DSM-X
- 2s 2200mAh LiPo connectet directly to VBar at 3 sockets
- DSO measuring equipment

 The Result:

How to read this:
The yellow line shows the RC battery voltage - and is ok. The blue line shows the current draw - also ok. But - having a look at the pink line (voltage between diode and servo) you will see a  induction voltage peak with approx. 14 Volts.

This servo could be a possibly noise source for model electronics. We recommend to install some buffer caps or another electronic to prevent the model electronic from this peak.