HV²BEC 8,35V 40/50A - out of the Box

BEC data (Manufacturers data)
Voltage: 8,35V
Durable current: 40A
Peak current: 50A

Test components / settings
Logo 800 XXTreme w/o blades
Swash servos: Savox SB 2271 SG
Tail servo: Savox SB 2272 MG
Standard VStabi Blueline
Futaba S-Bus
Pitchpump 100


We can see a voltage drop of approximately 1 V here. The current draw grows up to more than 30 A. This BEC works very wel. The rest voltage of 7,4 V provides very safe flying.

Adding some caps will cut the spikes a bit but won't have any useful effect here. Cosmetics only. So .. this is a BEC for use out of the box.