SLS 2S LiPo direct at HV Servos

Battery (Manufacturers data)
Voltage: 7,4V 2S LiPo (new)
Capacity: 2200 mAh
Durable current: 25C = 55 A
Peak current: 50C = 110 A

Test components / settings
Logo 800 XXTreme w/o blades
Swash servos: Savox SB 2271 SG
Tail servo: Savox SB 2272 MG
Standard VStabi Blueline
Futaba S-Bus
Pitchpump 100

The voltage drops down with approx. 2V and the current goes up to 30 A. We have 5,4V left for our Reciever and VBar. This should be safe!