Step 3: Preparing the transmitter

Similar to the other Vbar channels we have to ensure that the direction, mid and end percentage of our throttle channel fits to the VBar values. As first set up a linear throttle curve in TX to do this:

Now it is time to calibrate the throttle channel accordingly to the bar in our PC software. Check directions, center and endpoints, adjust with the throttle servo settings in your TX. - Just the same as on the other stick functions.

Now we can set up some flat throttle curves as RPM presets for 2 headspeeds. Please note that we need a signal more than the half channel value as valid target RPM. In our example we set 90% and 100% 

Please do not forget to check the TC/TH flight mode, the TX signal should be at -100% in our VBar pc software. If your TX has a programmable failsave set it to this value too.