Step 2: Enabling the governor

Safety warning: We highly recommend to unmount all blades during all setups on the bench. If only a motor test run instead of a complete test run is required move the motor pinon away from the main gear wheel. If no test run is needed unplug the motor cables.

To enable the governor, select Gov I tab in the pc software. Choose "Electric" at the dropdown and set the default values with "Reset".

Preset channel from receiver

Set as needed. The additional text in the dropdown will show you the current channel assignments for your convenience. Using standard hookup (Fullsize VBar, Standard hookup is not possible with e-Gov on a Mini VBar), there will be only AUX as possible channel. In this case plug a patch cable from the throttle output at the RX to the AUX ath the VBar.

Output socket on VBar

Set as needed. Take note that the Servo socket near the sensor socket has only a limited power lead. So it is forbidden to use this with a BEC at the ESC. In this case choose Servo 4 (not with 4 swash servos) or Collective (not with standard RX hookup and fullsize VBar)