Help on VBar on this Website

The Content of the wiki  is included in the Section  VBar Help now. Here you find alot additional informations how to install and operate your VBar.

The Setup Videos and all needed Software can be found in the Section Version 4.0.

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Toy Fair Nürnberg

Mikado shows some new Items on the Toy Fair in Nürnberg. It also contains some news for VBar.

VBar has a new Home!

Now its time to update the old fashioned VBar Site into a new modern design. It will directly reachable at "" or at the old location.

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Updated PC Software

We collected some requests of users and formed a new release of the PC Software. This is not a functional enhancement, but is intended to support newbies on vbar much better. So we simply call it 4.0.20c. We added a Display of the sensor mounting which shows how vbar thinks the sensor is mounted. This shall minimize mistakes. Read more »

Spektrum and "Single Line" for the regular VBar

The regular VBar units will be delivered with two spektrum satellite connectors. This adds the satellite mode to the regular unit like it is known from the Mini-V. Same applies to the possibility to use a single line reciver at the aux connector of the unit. The price is not changed!


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