Version 5.2 Released

We just released the 5.2 Firmware and PC Software to our customers. Since it is a minor enhancement, the update is free for all 5.x users.

The 5.2 is available as online update for the express owners too, which will still have the same functionality as express before, but with the new 5.2 enhancements at the algorithms.

Whats new:

  • The "pro" version of the mini now has a governor too, same as the fullsize one. Due to limited ports at the mini unit the governor can only be used in combination with a Spektrum, a s-Bus or M-Link or a classic single line reciver. An external reciver with governor is not possible.
  • The Governor has been massively rewoked, mainly to better support electric governing. This gives a completely new option with most simple electric speedcontrollers. So even a simple controller turns into a high quality governor.
  • Setting up an electric governor has been greatly simplified. The default settings will match most usual installations, so there is no extensive tuning process needed.
  • Added at last minute: An new AR Bailout Mode for electrics that works with every ESC even with very slow starting ones. It drives the Motor to a low idle instead of turning it off.
  • The Integration between the governor an the rest of the algorithms has been improoved, so the complete control loop works smoother and quicker.
  • New security functions avoid unintended hot starts of the motor, which can turn into dangerous with electrics. This adds top level protection to simple ESC´s as well.
  • The piruette compensation has been improved. Complex moves will be smoother and more precise now.

Both versions are available in parallel, so you can choose between 5.1 and 5.2 at any time.

The Update prcoess will be performed by a new pc software with the known method. Select "online Update" and choose 5.2 to load. The settings are taken over, so no new programming needed, just as you know from former updates.