Christmas Update 2016

As a tradition we do another update at Christmas 2016 for VBar Control. With this Update the MAC Simulator Interface will work again with Sierra. The USB Simulator interface now allows all switches and all pots to be used in the simulation for Mac and Windows.

Responding to the requests from Kontronik Users , we implemented a adjustable temperature warning so you can use the ESC just to its limit and not beyond. This avoids the switch off of the device (Available for Scorpion as well).

If you equip your heli with a Tribunus Regler from Scorpion , the model setup wizzard will automatically detect and program the Tribunus so it perfectly matches to the programmed model, and uses the VBar´s governor. Just a few clicks will do the whole programming work. It never was easier!

A new app allows to use different modes depending on the model type. So if you fly your Helis in a different mode than your planes, you can use this app to automatically switch to the correct mode. This works even with model sharing.

You will find all details in the Changelog as usual. Since the update contains a new firmware for the Transmitter it will do a reboot. Your data is preserved.

We wish you a lof of fun with your VBar Control and of course a mery christmas and a happy new year.