VBar Version 5.3

The new V5.3 version collects some improvements which have come up in the meantime. The minor version number has been increased, because there is an update in the flight algorithm, the mayor version stays the same so its a free update for all 5.x owners.

This new firmware does require a new PC/Mac version of the software, you find this on www.vstabi.info

The following lists the changed items:


Reworked Spektrum Decoder

As Spektrum is adding modes, VBar follows suite and has updated the Spektrum decoder so it can handle all the new modes including the difference between DSMX11ms/DSMX20ms.

Do make sure you have the correct setting on both transmitter and VBar. Please rebind with your transmitter if you use DSMX!

It has also a new error checking capabilities.


Universal decoder added

A universal decoder has been added for future use, JR as acknowledged that they are going to support this in the future in their radios.


Better hovering and long term stability

On some flight profiles a slight drift has developed in the 5.2 version, which affects a nice neutral hovering. This has been fixed with this version. Additionally this unleashes the full quality of the new SilverLine sensor.

The new sensor is nearly unaffected by vibration and temperature changes, so alltogether it gives the best stability even on very long flight times and in harsh environments.


Better stability at very high speeds

The high speed range has been slightly reworked. All tested helis can handle more stability in this situation, so this improves the feel in high speed.


Improved dynamic behaviour of the governor

Rapid load changes can create head speed wags and peaks. A better design of the compensation helps reducing these effects.


Better error-reporting of the governor

Sometimes a lot of error messages on switch on/off of the governor disturb the user. This has been improved, so that messages are issued now only if they are really meaningful. This helps interpreting problems with the headspeed sensor.

Please find the matching PC and CP Software here. How to do a online update is here