VBar Service

Need technical support for your VBar?

Please use our online support first! Most of your questions and problems can be answered or solved on our forum without having to send in your device, without having to wait.

We can not offer extensive telephone support for setting up your VBar.
Please always use our online support first! Thank you for your understanding!

Should you have to send in your VBar, however, please use our online system MiDA. Follow the instructions given in the next step: how does it work?

Usually our online support staff will tell you to do so.

Transmittals through our online system will be processed fast, since we usually have all the required information at hand as soon as your device arrives. Transmittals without often require further inquiries which may delay processing.

Should you want to send your VBar in to have it checked e. g. after a crash, please also use our online system.

Important notice: We have to withdraw defective devices for safety reasons, since an inadvertent operation can cause serious damage or injury.

Since it’s your property, you can insist on having it sent back. However, we will mark the device’s serial number defective within the corresponding case in our database and keep records of the return.