Realflight 7 Resetknopf (Selfmade)

Realflight 7 needs a push on the interface button to make a new model, at least for the first time. This seems to be part of the copyright protection.

If you have thrown the interface behind your pc, it may be ugly to find the button on the interface, since it cannot be pushed remotely. So i implemented a special function into the sim modules firmware, so the buddy switch toggels an output pin of the Vbar.

To maintain this, a connection between the interfaces button and the VBar Unit has to be made. This is not a official method, because the interface has to be opened which probably voids the warranty.

Use an Servo supply wire, red wire is not connected. The other two has to be soldered as shown in the picture. Route the wires somwhere to the outside, so it can be plugged into the RxC of the MiniVbar Unit. Doublecheck polarity before connecting!!

Usually the buddy switch is a spring loaded switch that flips to the center when released. This is perfekt for this application. The Buddy Switch now can be used to make a new Heli in the Simulator even the first time, and even the reversing function can be used, if the switch is holded for a brief moment.

Have Fun!