Maintenance Updates for New Year

Final 2023 Maintenance Update for

- VBar Control Touch

- VBar Control EVO

- VBar EVO

Over the Time some issues come up, that sometimes are alredy in since long time, and sometimes they appear only extremly rare. Thats what we fixed here. We wish a happy new year, and a lot of fun in the new year!

The important things are:

VBar Control (Touch+EVO): Additional Option for Stickcklick App

VBar Control (Touch+EVO): Simpler switch assignment i.e. Trimswitch/Screenshot

VBar Control (Touch+EVO): Predefined images often do not show up correctly, sometimes not at all.

VBar Control (Touch+EVO): Fixed A Bug in the Battery aging algorithm

VBar Control (Touch+EVO): Fixed a connect/disconnect sound issue with VPlane in EN language


VBar EVO: Spektrum decoder backportet (Operational only, no bind).

VBar EVO: Fixed a super rare glitch that shows up as false Sensor Error Message.

VBar EVO: Fixed wrong red/green blinking with external Receivers

VBar EVO: Safer USB Handling in case of PC Software