Windows 7 /64 Bit

Finally we can provide a certified VBar Driver for the 64 bit flavours of Windows. They will load without further questions, exept that you confirm to trust Mikado.

To make the new driver load, the VBar Unit needs a new USB Id so that it is identified unique in the world.

To simplify the switch, we added a small application called Driver Switcher . The old ID is still recognized, and can be used as well. Switching is required on 64 Bit Systems only, but we recommend switching all your devices together, especially if you use several 32 and 64 Bit Systems for adjusting.

1. Download the updated PC Software . It has a small "d" at the end of the version number, since it does not add any functionality. Install it.

2. Connect the VBars to be changed to the PC (32 Bit system, or self certified system)

3. Use Driver Switcher   from the Windows Start Menu Group of VBar to set the Device to "USB Mode, new driver".

4. Unceonnect/reconnect USB Cable. The Driver shall load automatically. There may pop up a confirmation, which can be granted.

5. After all your units are switched, you can leave Windows testmode if you are on 64 bit.

The new USB ID ist stored permanently on the VBar Device, so this is required only once per Unit. Take care that if you want to set up your Heli with your Friends Laptop, he shall install the latest PC Software too. The new ID will be used on all Units that are manufactured in the future.

Important Hint: The VBar Device can only be used by one program at a time. If you want to switch the Driver ID, take care that the PC Setup Software does not run.