Logo 200 mini VBar NEO Pro/Rescue Update Hints

When updating the first shipped batch (end of July 2020) of LOGO 200 Express VBar NEO mini to Pro or Pro Rescue, some parameters must be reworked afterwards.

These changes have been implemented already (models shipped beginning 1st week of August 2020 and later), the boxes will have a printed addendum inside.

The parameters have been set correctly for Express, so no rework on LOGO 200 NEO mini Express needed how it is delivered.

First, please update VBar Control Touch over WiFi and VBar Control over USB as usual, we need the latest setup software versions.

In the text below we describe the few points with Screenshots.

These are the only changes needed to be done. If someone does a new setup instead, with the latest VBar Control updates, he will also be ok. Note this only applies if you bought and installes the update to pro or pro+rescue. If you are running it out of the box, you are fine.

Set the Collective Curve to these values for all banks (little less and more equal in the measured angles on the blades)


Set Tail P Gain Bank1 to 90 (was 100, probably caused light tail noise)



Set the Trottle full Throttle Value to 100 (was -100, ESC won't work)



Set the Gear ratio to Direct Drive (probably toggle once to another setting and back, was wrong, RPM reading not correct)