We have prepared some Updates of the VControl, VControl Touch and VBar NEOs. Since there are many changes, we plan to do a lifestream to explain the fixes and features at 5.8.2020 at 21:00 (MESZ) here at VTV.

I will write a more complete comment tomorrow. If you have a need for this new version, you can update now. This is the case if you already recived the Logo200. This Heli will require to update your radio to use it seamlessly. You can use not updates NEOs without problems, there will pop up a message that a new version is available. Some new parameters will show up, but will have no effect on not updated NEOs, they will just be ignored.

If you have a running system, please wait for more explanation, and of course come to our livestream and let us explain whats new. Then you can decide if it is important for you. Use the forum to ask questions about the updates before or during the stream.

We had a few hours of some intermediate state, so if you where just connected, you may see some strange state. One more update shall fix this now. Please use WiFI whenever possible to update. We apologise for the inconvenience.