New VBar Control Touch Cloud Service

We greatly extended our Cloud Service for VBar Control. Check out the new Pages simply by clicking on the cloud here, or in the bottom left corner of the page you find the cloud in the section My V-Devices.

To use the cloud service, enable the cloud setting in your radio. The radio will start transmitting all status data to, but only if a network is available and you are not using your radio actively. So it will never disturb any of the normal use.

The Cloud stores all flights, all models, all batterys, the respective model pictures and all screenshots. This data is stored on your radio for a limited time, since its capacity is limited. You can extend this period with the cloud service.

Additionally you find all logfiles, power logs and GPS logs as well. This data can be viewed graphical if possible, or be downloaded to your PC to process it further.

Modelpics can be uploaded, and will transfer to the radio automatically. The pics may be used with the user defined screens.

All data may be deleted on wish. The deletion is final, so you have full control on data that is stored on the cloud service.

We will continue to extend the functionality further, so come back soon and check out the new functions.

Have fun!