VCopter for NEO and VBarControl

With the release of VCopter we complete the suite of NEO Firmware versions available for VBar Control.

VCopter is a complete Flight Control integrated into NEO, so its not only an added receiver, but it contains the complete function set of any PRO Firmware like Expert Settings, Macrocells, Buddy Boxing and integration of third party radios.

The completely new developed algorithm defines a new level for copter flight controls. It integrates proven technologies of the heli version that were not known in the copter scene up to now. The result is a superior flight behaviour with best stability and outstanding dynamics. See this example of the 3D Mode.

The widely feared PID tuning gets a new fun aspect with VBar Control's parameter tuning features, so it's quick and very easy to find optimal parameters for 3D, FPV or video flights.

VCopter supports most common copter types with a preset, but  with expert mixing every configuration with up to 8 legs and added special functions is possible. In 3D Mode, the motors can be reversed in an intelligent manner to allow flying upside down and other 3D tricks.

Rescue and Beginner mode are available, too, and add the proven safety net to the copter profile. All telemetry options like battery management or user defined mainscreens are available because of our modular concept.

VCopter allows update rates up to 1,000 Hz and supports "Oneshot+" always. Minimum pulsewith can be 1,000 µs, 125 µs or even 62 µs.

VCopter Pro is a parallel version of VBar Pro and VPlane Pro, so you can update to one of these for free if you have "Pro". Same on Rescue for VBar and VCopter. (Rescue for Planes is not yet available).

Your NEO now is a multifunctional receiving and control module, that supports almost everything that can get airborne, at premium performance.

Here you find the VCopter manual page.