2016 New Apps for VBar Control

For the start of this new year we present a bunch of new apps for the VBar Control. They show whats possible with out platform and give a path to the future of rc radios.  Just go to the appstore and load the to your VBar Control. There is no firmware update of the radio needed, thanks to the app concept.

User defined Main Screen

I the past you needed a given screen or menue to display certain values of the transmitter or the telemetry.

With the new user defined main screen its possible to arrange the things you like to see on the screen by yourself. Thats an easy drag and drop action which allows you to combine values you like to see together or to make you display very individual.

It is possible to define a screen for each model, or even better define a switch to switch between 3 displays per model. Additionally a file selector allows so choose between virtually unlimited number of screens.

The screens are created at our website that runs on most known platforms like Windows, Mac, Android Iphone and Ipad.

Battery Saver

Rechargable batterys loose capacity and power over the time. The Battery Saver function allows to track this and give a much better guess how far the battery may get discharged. This avoids overdischarges even on heavy used or old packs. This function is mainly intened to be used together with an U/I Sensor and our Battery ID System.

Extened Agility

Its possible to use more than the normal agility with VBar Control. This allows very extreme setups that overdrive the control loop. Useful for our extreme 3D Cracks.

Other Functional Enhancements

The Macrocell system has been improoved to handle complex setups much faster and smoother. The Sensitivity of the Swash can now been set to 0, to use the NEO on Flybar Helis, still using the tailgyro and some other parts of the algorithm. Note that rescue works with flybar helis as well.

More small things have been included as well.

The apps ar free if they are loaded in the next three weeks.