Cell Oscillator

An Oszillator creates a signal of a certain shape. It can be used as input for special functions that need a permanent move, like lighting or other accessories.

EnableThis input is used to enable the oszillator. If the Input is below the Value defined in Level, the Output of the cell stops as the current value. If it is enabled again, it resumes with the signal.
LevelThe level where the threshold of the input signal is in %

One of the following options: Squarewave, Triangle, Sawtooth, Rev Sawtooth.

PeriodeDefines the change per frame. Lower numbers make it slower, higer number speed up the oszillation
AmplitudeAmplitude of the output signal.
ZeroA static offset to the output signal


This Celltype is perfect for several lighting applications if i.e. a position light shall blink. Perfect for testing Servos as well.