VPlane Released

As already announced, we now release the VPlane firmware and the matching app for the VBar Control for planes. Here a Video where Kyle describes the benefits of VPlane

After flashing the firmware into your vbar device, and installing the app on the transmitter, a new model setup can be created. We provide a selection of presets, but even if you cannot find your exact configuration, that can be added later.

The Wizzard now leads through the setup process, asking for the device/sensor mounting and the servo directions. After a few steps the model is ready to go

The Setup Wizzard provides thre presets, from unstabilized (bank 1) to high stabilized (bank 3). All this can now be adapted to your personal taste.

The autotrim feature allows to trim the plane in a few seconds on level flight.

Both, firmware and app is free, and can be used on any vbar that works with VBar Control. All existing licenses will remain, even if programmed to vplane, so it can be returned to vbar at any time.

You find the Manual here The App is as usual available in the transmitter Appstore.

If you have questions regarding the VPlane software, we have created a forum in the VBar Control area. Feel free to ask questions in english, ist a mixed forum, but we will answer them in english as well.

I myself did plane flying from the time i started with RC flying a long time ago. I had much fun to develop the plane firmware. Kyle Dahl helped a lot with comments and suggestions, as well as with testing and finding the right algorithms for beginner and experts. We now wish a lot of fun on flying your planes with VBar Control!