Jeti SBEC 6V 12A with capacitors

BEC data (Manufacturers data)
Voltage: 6,0V
Peak current: 12A

Test components / settings
Logo 500 SE w/o blades
Swash servos: Savox SC 1257 TG
Tail servo: Savox SH 1290 MG
Standard VStabi Blueline
Futaba S-Bus
Pitchpump 100

The voltage drops are below the limits for only a few miliseconds. So we decided to test some differnet capacitors because they are free of maintenance, easy to handle and cheap. They can be connectet to the power bus side of the VBar very easy. Here our test selection:



The power supply could be improved with the use of two 4700 uF capacitors. We noticed a significant improvement from one 4700 uF on. The usage of 4 4700 uF caps doesn't make any choice against 2 of them. Also the power lead length does not have much influence, we used a extension cord with 25cm with no noticeable difference. So .. we are free in the placement decision here.

Using 2 capacitors with 4700uF each the voltage drops down with approx. 0,8V. We have 5,2V left for our Reciever and VBar. This should be safe!