Jive 100 LV BEC 5,8V 5/15A with additional battery

BEC data (Manufacturers data)
Voltage: 5,8V
Durable current: 5A
Peak current: 15A

Additional RX battery pack!

Test components / settings
Logo 500 SE w/o blades
Swash servos: Savox SC 1257 TG
Tail servo: Savox SH 1290 MG
Standard VStabi Blueline
Futaba S-Bus
Pitchpump 100

Some pilots like a battery which may enable a safe landing due a bec failure in flight. This batteries are also part of the power supply.



The power supply could be improved with the battery:

The voltage drop is now at 0,6 V only. We have approx. 5,2 V left. This should be safe!